If you would like to place an order or have any questions regarding prices or the food then please use one of the following options.

you can either use this blog’s comment function at the bottom of the page or email:

or phone: 07888887995

we shall be pleased to help if we can :-)


5 responses to “contact

  1. Hi Nichola,
    Still trying to decide on canapes for my party, which we intended to produce ourselves. Dave mentioned your cheese straws and I thought maybe with time running out we might be better outsourcing. Could you let me know how much per 100 and whether you could produce any other canape type treats for my party next saturday? regards


  2. Lovely to meet you both yesterday and to be your neighbour and tester… can you add me as a subscriber so I get all your posts? I’m linking to you from my site… got to keep a close eye on the better brownie maker!!! x Sarah

  3. Hi Nichola
    I am a big fan of your original croissants – the rather buttery, dense ones – which I have not seen in several weeks. Is there a chance of ordering some for this Saturday, October 1?
    Thanks, Sunny

    • Dear Sunny,
      Thank you for your message. We still use Lescure butter in the same amounts in all our croissants. In our prototype pastry the croissant was more dense (due to the yeast being spent too soon) but these were my early efforts and since then we have improved the recipe and techniques getting a lighter pastry with more lift and the butter more evenly distributed. I can keep some aside for you on Saturday if you wish?

      Best regards, Nichola

  4. Hi Nichola
    I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be making more of those yummy croissants. I felt their taste and texture was very similar to the croissants I used to buy when I lived in France. The newer version are too light for my taste and tend to disintegrate. I’ll pop by early tomorrow to stock up on more of your other goodies!
    Happy baking!

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