Croissants and Sourdough

August is the time for taking stock and having a look at what’s going on. Business at Tachbrook St has quietened down over the last 4 weeks as the masses clear out for their summer hols and I’ve been making the most of the spare time on my hands.
The warm weather has given a helping hand to my cultivation of a sourdough starter which I made solely from organic flour and mineral water. Last night I baked off my first batch of sourdough bread- a white with a hint of wholemeal and rye- a loaf which made me feel very proud of myself!
Aswell as the bread,(the recipe for which I’ll post on the next blog post) I’ve also been experimenting with the croissant method that I use and feel that I have made a great improvement in their texture. As if that weren’t enough to keep me busy I’m working on a formula for sourdough croissants in a bid to move the business on at some point in the future. We still hope to trade at Tachbrook St. every week but may start to focus the rest of the week on wholesale croissants and soda bread.


One response to “Croissants and Sourdough

  1. Nic,
    You must bake me a Sourdough I’m not a white bread fan and eat mostly German rye bread ‘Vollkorn’ or Roggen which are my favourites
    Would love to try your Sourdough tho. See you soon..
    Marion (Mum)

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